Titan Auto Body shop is a business that specializes in repairing and restoring damaged vehicles to their original condition. We work closely with insurance companies to provide the necessary repairs for policyholders.

When a policyholder gets into a car accident, they typically file a claim with their insurance company to cover the damages. 

Titan Auto Body will examine the damage to the vehicle and provide an estimate to the insurance company on the cost of the repairs. The insurance company will then review the estimate and determine how much they will cover towards the repairs. This process can sometimes be a bit of a negotiation, as the insurance company may try to minimize the amount they pay out on the claim. This can be anything from trying to use aftermarket parts, to not fixing everything It is our job to use our expertise to make sure they do what is in your best interest. 

Once the repairs have been agreed upon, the Titan Auto Body can begin the repair process. They will work closely with the insurance company to ensure that all repairs are completed to the upmost standards. This includes keeping detailed records of the work that was done, as well as providing the insurance company with updates on the progress of the repairs.

While the Titan Auto Body is responsible for completing the repairs, the insurance company is responsible for paying for the repairs. The policyholder is typically only responsible for paying their deductible, which is the amount they agreed to pay out-of-pocket when they signed their insurance policy.