Service hour
  • Monday 7.00 - 16.30
  • Tuesday 7.00 - 16.30
  • Wednesday 7.00 - 16.30
  • Thursday 7.00 - 16.30
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  • Saturday 7.00 - 16.30
  • Sunday 7.00 - 16.30

Self Pay

Self pay at an Titan Auto Body shop refers to the option for a customer to pay for their own repairs rather than using insurance coverage. This means that the customer is responsible for covering the cost of all repairs, parts, and labor out of pocket.

Self pay can be a good option for customers who have minor repairs or damages that may not be covered by their insurance, or for those who have a high deductible or limited insurance coverage. It can also be a good option for customers who prefer to handle their own repairs rather than dealing with insurance claims and paperwork.

While we currently don’t offer any financing, we do our best to work with you when choosing to do self pay. Typically we require a deposit to start all self pay jobs. This is  often because besides the work, we must also order the parts. Sometimes locating parts during these times can be difficult and take some time. However, we do have dozens and dozens of resources to help locate them as fast as we can. 

Once we have completed you vehicle, we utilize many tools, computers and specs to make sure we have completed the project to your expectations. Once we have washed it and cleaned it up, we coordinate with you to come pick it up. This is where we do a complete walk around to show you what we have done and make sure it meets your approval. We will then receive the second half of the payment and provide you with a detailed receipt and our warranty information.

We have done tens of thousands of vehicles and our process, customer support, prices and quality of work is what has so many coming back and referring their trusted friends and family to us.